We fuel innovation by connecting software.

We created StackOne to empower SaaS companies to build groundbreaking products that seamlessly connect with their customers’ stacks.

We've been there, done that.

Having worked together for over 10 years at several SaaS companies, we understand the frustration of constantly having to reject customer integration requests. That's why we created StackOne - to eliminate the need to say "no."
Romain Sestier
Co-Founder & CEO
Guillaume Lebedel
Co-Founder & CTO
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Our Mission

StackOne is the integration platform we always wanted.

Designed specifically for SaaS companies, StackOne is a flexible platform with advanced data privacy features, enabling you to innovate with complete peace of mind.
10+ Million
API Calls
API Fields Mapped
Customer PII Stored

Backed by greatness.

StackOne is backed by exceptional founders and investors at:

Our journey so far

One of the fastest growing integration platforms in the world.
Q1, 2023
Launched out of stealth
Q2, 2023
Investment from Co-Founder of GitHub
Q3, 2023
100m API Calls, 20 Connectors available
Q4, 2023
$3.6m Seed Round, 50+ Connectors available
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