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June 2023

5 New Integrations & Advanced Filtering

Hi there.

June has been a busy month for the team. Let's dive into what's new and improved:

Integrations & Unified API

Fresh Integrations!

We're excited to announce the addition of 5 new renowned tools to our growing list of supported integrations:

  • HaileyHR (HRIS)
  • BreatheHR (HRIS)
  • HR Cloud (HRIS)
  • Pipedrive (CRM)
  • Greenhouse (ATS)

And you can now see all our supported and planned integrations on our documentation!

Marketing API

Get ready for the new unified API: Marketing. It's now accessible for our early-access customers. Jump into our documentation to learn more.

Our inaugural supported integration for Marketing is Klaviyo where we've initiated support for the Template model

Other unified API improvements:

  • Refined support for company list/get/expand across HRIS integrations.
  • Upgraded enum results type to include both the common model matched value and the original value for all APIs.

Hub & End-customer experience

  • New connection guides for UKG, Workday, EmploymentHero, HR Cloud, Pinpoint, Greenhouse, Recruitee and more
  • Added credential validation in the hub for Ashby, Pinpoint, TeamTailor, BambooHR, Freshteam, Humaans & Sage
  • Added Account filtering capabilities on the request logs page and a link to the logs from the Accounts page. The request logs doc has been updated to reflect these improvements.

Performance & Developer Experience

  • Improved response time of our unified API and dashboard
  • Updated the Ruby HRIS Gem to reflect the latest API updates
  • We've published a Postman Workspace with a StackOne API collection to make it easier to test, debug and use the StackOne API(s)

Access Postman Collection

Other improvements / Quality of Life

  • Minor design fix for the "reset password" screen
  • Addition of account filtering on the accounts page - read more about this feature on our docs

Here's to another surely productive, innovative (and sunny!) month ahead!

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